Add a complete Coupon Code System
to your Soholaunch Shopping Cart's checkout

     The TZ Coupon Code System is now available as a simple to install Soholaunch "plug-in" available exclusively from

The TZ Coupon Code system adds a fully featured coupon code system to your Soholaunch shopping cart.

This plugin requires Soholaunch 4.9 or higher to operate.

It's flexible and easy to use for both the sohoadmin Aministrator and the customer.

The system features using either a dollars off or a percent off amount for each code entry.

You can have virtually unlimited numbers of separate coupon codes for your customers to have available.

The starting and expiration dates are easily entered or edited.

There is a place to store notes about the coupon that only the Administrator sees.

The coupon database is fully backed up using Soholaunch's backup utility.

The customer is given the opportunity to enter a code that you have given them or advertised on your website. For example, you could advertise on your home page "10% off all purchases this week only! Use coupon code 10thisweekonly for instant savings."

The Coupon Code adminstrative module is easily available within the main sohoadmin panel.

 The main data list, and adding, and editing coupons is very similar to Soholaunch's Database editing modules.

It's very simple and straightforward to add a new coupon code to your checkout.


You can easily edit any existing coupons.

Upon checkout, the customer is given an opportunity to enter a coupon code that you have advertised, or given to them.

This is an example showing the total screen for a custom who used a $1.00 off coupon.



     This example shows the information after a customer entered a coupon that gives a 20% discount off of their total.


     Tax rates are calculated on the "SubTotal after Coupon" amount.
     Will not interfere with any custom shipping modules.
     All payment gateways are supported- and there is a built-in feature so that no total can be less than zero.
     There is a convenient help file available from the main screen.

The TZ Coupon Code System plug-in is available
exclusively at




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