See that menu up above there?

     We have successfully developed a DHTML menu system that is fully compatible with Soholaunch Pro.

     We call it the "TZ Menu System". 

     Everything is controlled by the sohoadmin menu control panel.

  1. If you add a page via Soholaunch, the new page appears on the TZ menu system.
  2. If you add a subpage, the new subpage will appear as a "flyout".
  3. If you change the order of your pages via Soholaunch, the changes are reflected in the TZ menu system.

     We currently can offer fully customized
menu systems for your Soholaunch website.

     Your choice of colors, text size, background, flyout effects, transparencies, etc.

     The menu can be horizontal or the entire menu can be set up to run down the left portion of the page vertically with flyouts going to the right. You can even have your menu "float" so it is always on the screen as the screen is scrolled.

     Almost anything you can imagine can be done with the TZ menu system-- you can use animated gif's (like the "screws" in the above menus, custom gradient backgrounds, choice of outlines, and even use photographs or custom icons in your menu buttons.

     The system is embedded into ANY Soholaunch template.

     The TZ menu system does not change any of your Soholaunch program files.

     For more information please fill out the form located here.

     For the current list of "stock" systems available please go to


Some Examples of TZ-Menus:


The main menu can be either horizontal or vertical.


New Page 1
New Page 1
New Page 1

On Custom TZ-Menus you can
choose any color combinations.

Background images can
be used with TZ-Menus.

The appearance of TZ-Menus is
limited only by imagination.

New Page 1
New Page 1
New Page 1


We can design and install a TZ Custom Menu System on your Soholaunch Pro website.



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